Bass player and music educator

Private, Skype, and Group Lessons

Buddy offers private lessons in New York City, New City and at The New School. Group instruction and lessons via Skype are also available.

My musical upbringing, education, live experience and in-studio work encapsulates a professional playing career of over thirty years and teaching career for over twenty. I have never found a student too challenging, whether they’re a neophyte of any age, an intermediate player who’s in a rut or wants to reach the next level, or a seasoned professional looking to enhance a specific skill, style, project, or address a hole in their abilities. I offer bass lessons customized to each specific student’s needs because I know that everyone learns differently. Together with the student, I work to formulate an achievable goal, and find the best way use my wealth of bass information and teaching experience to help the student realize that goal. I cover the necessary basics while keeping the student’s aesthetic in mind. Lessons keep pace with the student’s technical progress and musical evolution, helping people reach their potential. I believe that the study of rhythm, harmony and melody are fundamentals of music, while discipline, focus, organization, positive consistency and detached acceptance are the keys to mastery.

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Seven Disciplines for the Bass

  1. Rhythm: Rhythm, rhythm rudiments, dead notes and feel.
  2. Note groupings: intervals, scales, modes, arpeggios, chords, shapes, patterns, phrasing, and harmonics.
  3. Songs: the study of melody, harmony, linear harmony, counter point, and voice leading.
  4. Reading: sight-reading, sight-singing.
  5. Ear training: learning bass lines from recordings and transcription.
  6. Holding down bass lines: Walking quarter notes, swinging eighth notes, running sixteenth notes, triplets including shuffle feels, odd time signatures, thump/pop, two-hand tapping, etcetera.
  7. Creating! This is a lifetime of work.

I offer a comprehensive study of these disciplines for the beginning, intermediate, and advanced student. The language of all musical styles and cultures are sung here in New York.  I strive to experience, learn and teach many of these styles.  Music is fun: the more you know, and the more you can do, the more fun it is.

Remember—sing what you play and always listen!