Bass player and music educator


Day Jams


Please get to know someone who is a great credit to Buddy Booker Bass Academy: Antar Goodwin. This man works all the time and is a force to be reckoned with. I am particularly proud of him because he embodies the bass player credo's: the three Ts of tone, tunes and timing. →

Sing the Beat of You

I would like to recommend a few ways to realize the breath of rhythm within you. One of the many lessons for understanding rhythm that Milford Graves gives us is to listen to the recording of a heart beat as made for cardiologists. After listening to a few heartbeats, you will realize that there are many different grooves born to →

This Week’s Reading and Listening

Here are a few things I'm looking at and listening to this week. Another shining example of student achievement. The Nate Jones website is up and it is awesome!  Nate is a perfect example of the student who surpasses  the teacher…as it should be.  Go Nate! I am currently engrossed in the audio version of the book The Music →