Bass player and music educator

About Buddy

Buddy Booker is currently a bass for hire for live performance and studio session work and also teaches private lessons in New York City, Rockland County and at the New School. He also composes music for others, including TV and film scores. And is endorsed by M.T.D. strings

Buddy Booker

Born in Harlem, my love of music received added nurturing at 409 Edgecomb Avenue, a hot address during the Harlem Renaissance and beyond. It was here that my great uncle Carroll Boyd, a sought-after cocktail party pianist, played while my godmother Aunt Ruth, and grandmother “Momanette” sang while accompanying a routine Sunday gathering of some of Harlem’s illustrious elite performers such as Ram Ramirez, Johnny Hartman and Caterina Jarboro, to name a few.

My formal study of the bass began in high school, studying with New York studio bass player Ed Lord. I went on to receive a dual degree in Music with Henry Brant and Gunter Shonbeck and Black Music with Bill Dixon, Milford Graves and Jeff Hoyer from Bennington College, Vermont. Continuing my intense training, I studied Western Harmony at Columbia University and have taken master classes with Victor Wooten, Oteil Burbridge and Michael Manring at The Bass Collective in New York City. Privately, I have an ever-expanding collection of books and recordings that continue to be part of my daily practice.