Bass player and music educator


Please get to know someone who is a great credit to Buddy Booker Bass Academy: Antar Goodwin. This man works all the time and is a force to be reckoned with. I am particularly proud of him because he embodies the bass player credo’s: the three Ts of tone, tunes and timing. He is not only a graduate of the Buddy Booker Bass Academy but teaches for the academy as well.

As the old year fades and the new year comes into view, what comes to mind is the choice to honor, foster and enrich the soul–mind, body and spirit.

For the mind: meditate, breath, relax and realize silence and space.

For the body: I would like to pass on an opportunity to to do something profound with very little effort: make a donation to Soles4Souls. Please make a positive difference in someone’s life.

Work out, break a sweat, yoga, stretch out and play bass effortlessly

I would like to point your gaze to a body of work of artist Philip Koch that I find to be a particularly powerful comment on the soul of the planet

For the spirit: I would like to thank James Jamerson for truly unparalleled soul bass playing the likes of which embodied rhythm, harmony and melody with effortless mastery. Although he seemingly earned a living as an electric bass player, he was denied the level of success he deserved for the rich legacy he left us all. Great soul music and legendary innovative soul bass playing.

I would also like to thank Jimmy Hendrix for giving me the gift of music and freedom.

Make your new year’s resolution achievable, write it down and achieve it.

Forgive someone for something, forgive yourself for something and learn what not to do.

As always sing what you play, always listen and relax.

Thank you all.


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