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Sing the Beat of You

I would like to recommend a few ways to realize the breath of rhythm within you.

One of the many lessons for understanding rhythm that Milford Graves gives us is to listen to the recording of a heart beat as made for cardiologists. After listening to a few heartbeats, you will realize that there are many different grooves born to the body. This also speaks to the fact that different beats groove people differently, or sometimes not at all. Its worth spending a lifetime collecting rhythms that move you and the rest of the world in many ways.


  1. Find your heartbeat ( the ultimate life groove)
  2. Listen
  3. Live your metronome/Live metronomic time without it
  4. Read & challenge your ability to get it (rhythm) off the page
  5. Find the essence of the groove in all styles

Rhythm is one of my favorite aspects of the three elements of music. This is the first of many blogs I will post on this topic. To start, I have some recommended reading and videos on this subject.

The first is the 23 transcriptions collected in The Best of Marcus Miller. These transcriptions show you one of the funkiest bass players on the planet in action and as one who defines rhythm accuracy.

Next is Slap It by Tony Oppenheimer, one of the best slap books that I’ve come across (and I have most of them). This is a great way to get your 16 note slap groove together.

Gene Torres, a great working bass player in New York City, recommended Victor Wooten’s ProSessions video, which is a great tool for practicing rhythm in many ways on the bass.

I also started a new audio book for my commute, Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dream. At first blush, another fascinating look at time.

MacTalla Mor

Lastly, I would like to talk about one of my students, Erik Ofgang, who offers a different kind of rhythm, rock with Irish roots. His family band, MacTalla Mor gigs regularly and will be playing a Celtic Halloween show Saturday, October 30 at 8:30 p.m. at the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling, New York. He also has an interview this Sunday on WFUV. Definitely worth checking out.


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