Bass player and music educator

This Week’s Reading and Listening

Here are a few things I’m looking at and listening to this week.

Another shining example of student achievement. The Nate Jones website is up and it is awesome!  Nate is a perfect example of the student who surpasses  the teacher…as it should be.  Go Nate!

The Music Lesson Audio Book

I am currently engrossed in the audio version of the book The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten. This book is so good that I was actually disappointed when I got out of an hour-long traffic jam yesterday.  The only thing that might quell the disappointment of finishing is the need to hear it again. Victor’s book is the perfect counterpoint to all the deep study of music theory that I am currently working on.  And it’s helping me remember that it’s music theory, not fact.

This week I would like to point my praise to John Patitucci’s first two videos now collected on a single DVD as John Pattitucci: Complete Electric Bass, Vol. 1 and 2. The first disc deals with bread and butter bass playing expectations and the next one with soloing.  I think that they are a great examples  of substantive learning for the electric bass.  The concepts are clearly expressed and all the information have real world applications.  John Patitucci is not only a truly brilliant legendary bass player, he is a master educator as well.


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