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Welcome to my new site. I plan to talk about books for bass study and other learning materials and about exciting people in the bass world.

My first blog post is about the four fundamental books I think are necessary for a well rounded concept on reading music. These are the books that I start every young student with.

Four Fundamental Books for the Beginning Student

  1. New Method for the Double Bass by Franz Simandl: The premier book that teaches you reading, position by position. Ignore the fingerings, as they are for upright bass. The electric bass player can learn good reading habits by taking it one position at a time.
    Standing in the Shadows of Motown
  2. Standing in the Shadows of Motown by Dr. Licks: An invaluable addition to your reading studies. Dotted notes, ties, sixteenths and triplets in any one given bar will get your rhythmic reading together.
  3. Building Walking Bass Lines by Ed Freidland: It is initially an easy read, and systematically takes you through greater and greater note choice complexities.
  4. The numbered book series by Carol Kaye: These are difficult to read, but it’s legitimate musicality offered by seasoned living legend session musician, Carol Kaye.

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